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Christmas in Haiti

If you’ve ever seen the movie Elf, you may be able to recall the scene where Buddy the Elf decorates the entire shopping mall floor

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Christmas in Kenya

Every year, all across the globe, children anxiously await the arrival of jolly ol’Saint Nicholas gliding through the skies guided by his magical reindeer-led sleigh.

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When Development Collides with a Catastrophe

We define development as “what people do for themselves.” In our work in poor communities, we do not do for people. We do with people. Community members lead we follow. They actively participate in their development. They must start with what they have, take ownership of the problems and the solutions in their community if they ever want to indigenously sustain their future development.

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Empowering the Poor in Kenya: Creating Sustainable Solutions through Farming

Kiu, Kenya is one of the first communities The 410 Bridge began working in. “Kiu” means “thirsty” in Swahili, and the area is semiarid. When we first began working in Kiu, sustainable clean water was a top priority. The community of Kiu now has access to clean water, allowing the Leadership Council to look at other ways to empower the poor within the community.

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Haiti: What is Missing in the Conversation?

Within the past two weeks, I’ve had a couple of interactions surrounding the turmoil in Haiti that are noteworthy. If somehow you haven’t heard, or maybe it just doesn’t come across your news feed, the latest in a seemingly endless series of crises in Haiti was the assassination of their president. A State of Siege was declared by the government, and once again, the situation in Haiti plunges further into uncertainty.

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