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A Unique Opportunity

Is your church or business interested in serving on a 410 Bridge trip?

In 2006, the 410 Bridge started partnering with communities in beautiful Kenya. 

Because of our unique community development model, communities are empowered and projects become sustainable, they are not fully dependent on Western short-term mission teams to complete or maintain.

This allows each team time and energy to pursue relationships as they work alongside community members to reach their goals through activities, projects, and visits to their homes and churches. 

We see teams encounter life-changing experiences and are inspired to continue using their gifts to serve the Kingdom!

2024 Open Trip Opportunity

Kenya – Ndibai Community from July 4 – 13, 2024

Cost (excluding airfare) – $1898 per person includes Safari

Team led by a 410 Bridge staff member. Minimum of 10 people needed on the team. 

Deadline to register for trip is March 31, 2024. Message us using the button below for more information.

For Our Music Lovers!

Enjoy a beautiful playlist of Kenyan Praise & Worship curated by our team on the ground in Kenya!

Start learning the melodies and words of songs that you may hear in the churches and communities you’ll visit.

We also have playlists focused on cultural music you may hear throughout the markets and cities. Check it out!

Get to Know



In the late 19th century, Kenya fell under British rule. In the early 20th century, settlers flocked into Kenya, taking the best land. This forced the natives to move to reservations. On December 12, 1963, Kenya became independent. In 1964, Jomo Kenyatta became president of Kenya and Kenya joined the Commonwealth.

In 2002, Mwai Kibaki became the leader of Kenya and introduced free primary education throughout the country. The 2013 elections were conducted peacefully and Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Kenya’s first president, was elected. He is currently the president of Kenya.

The Republic of Kenya, regarded by many as the “Jewel of East Africa”, has some of the continent’s most magnificent wildlife and scenery, fine beaches, and sophisticated tourism destinations. One-tenth of all land in Kenya is designated as national parks and reserves.

Over 50 parks and reserves cover all habitats from desert to mountain forest, and there are six marine parks in the Indian Ocean. Kenya also has a very diverse population with 42 different tribes, each with their own language and culture.

Language & Etiquette

As a former British colony, you will find many Kenyans speak English; however, Swahili is the national language. There are over 42 ethnic languages spoken, including Kikuyu and Luo. It is always nice to be familiar with some common phrases and Kenyans appreciate any effort you make to learn even a few words in their language.

Africans tend to be less direct than Americans in the way they speak to one another. In developing new relationships, you will want to soften the direct way you ask questions and not ask too many personal questions right away.

Kenyan table manners are relatively formal. Guests are expected to wash their hands before and after the meal. Sometimes, during home visits, a basin will be brought to you. If so, hold your hands over the basin while water is poured over them. Do not begin eating until the eldest male has been served and has started eating.

Climate Conditions

There are mild temperatures in Kenya. Oftentimes, it can turn cooler in rainy conditions or in the evening. You may consider bringing a lightweight jacket and/or rain boots or shoes for walking.

Please keep in mind the “rains” of East Africa. The first rain falls between late April to early June, which is known as “long rains”. The second rainy season, which is known as “short rains” lasts a few weeks in November and December.

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