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A gift that empowers

When you sponsor a community through 410 Bridge, you support programs and projects that allow the people to fix their own unique set of barriers.

Every chance we get, we want to empower and lift up people to recognize that God has given them giftings and skills to move their communities forward to a better and more self-sustaining place.

Sponsoring a community, whether for $18, $23, $35, or more a month, allows for this to happen.

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Education >

quality education programs are specifically designed to eliminate the barriers to quality education for 100% of the children living in a 410 Bridge community.
Education >

Health >

Our local indigenous staff leads training programs to support proper healthcare within each community to reduce child mortality rates and improve quality of life through THROUGH LOCAL HEALTH VOLUNTEERS AND TRAININGS, CHILD HEALTH SCREENINGS AND CHECKUPS, CONSTRUCTION AND EQuIPPING OF LOCAL HEALTH CLINICS, AND THROUGH THE PROVISION OF NECESSARY HYGIENE MATERIALS.
Health >

Spiritual Development >

In everything we do, we share the gospel. The local church should also be the hero of their community. Our goal is that 100% of households in our communities will have access to a Bible.
Spiritual Development >

Water >

Our water solutions are large infrastructure projects that sustainably address access to a reliable water source, filtration, distribution throughout the community, & safe water training
Water >

How Does Our Community Sponsorship Program Work?

Click HERE to find a community to sponsor from Kenya or Guatemala. Sign up to become their sponsor with a recurring gift amount of $18, $23, $35, $50, or $100 a month. 

This gift impacts the community as a whole.  What a blessing!

Our team on the ground works hard to gather regular updates on programs and projects to send to our wonderful sponsors. These are sent straight to you via email. 

We ask that you also pray for your community. Our communities feel encouraged by being sponsored and their life path will be different because of your generosity and relationship with them. 

Our model is holistic. Your decision to sponsor a community helps raise the quality of life for all in the community

Your donations are used to address direct barriers to education, access to safe water, health clinics, economic development programs, spiritual development programs, and more!

Each community we serve has unique strengths and challenges, so we customize sponsorship programming in each location.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others”
1st Peter 4:10