Immerse Yourself In Our

Poverty Simulation

The Purpose

This interactive, immersive experience will sensitize you to the realities of extreme global poverty, cause you to think differently & change how you engage the poor.

A 410 Bridge team member will meet with you to discuss your goals and then come to your organization to facilitate. During the simulation, everyone will be given different roles to play and a limited budget to work with. 

You will have to navigate the challenges and obstacles that those living in poverty face on a daily basis, such as finding affordable housing, paying for food and healthcare, and dealing with unexpected expenses, as if you are living in Kenya or Guatemala.

Our poverty simulation is for churches, groups, and organizations of ALL sizes. We offer a variety of customization options to meet your specific needs and goals. 

Depending on your organization’s location, we ask for help with covering our team member’s travel costs and the opportunity to share how participants can help those in poverty through 410 Bridge.

This might be sharing about our Business Start-Up Investor program, Child Sponsorship program, or different projects happening in Guatemala or Kenya. We work to customize this with the organization’s specific goals.

What Does the Poverty Simulation Look Like?