Our Model

The 410 Bridge Model

The 410 Bridge is a U.S.-based community development organization. We empower individuals to use their gifts to help create lasting life change in over 25 communities around the world. 

We do this through a unique missional model that can be sustained in a healthy way by indigenous leaders and through the local church in the nations where we serve.

1. Indigenous Leadership

In each 410 Bridge community a Leadership Council, comprised primarily of local pastors and leaders, is established first.

2. Community Assessment

 Each Council identifies assets and gifts in their community, as well as the community’s greatest needs, both physical and spiritual.

3. Development Plan

Development Plan – After assessing a community’s needs, the Leadership Council prioritizes the areas of development they believe need the most attention and makes an action plan.

4. Partnership

 The 410 Bridge and our partners then come alongside these communities to help them achieve their goals.

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