Fire in Mutirithia, Kenya

Please pray for the people of Mutirithia, Kenya. 

We are sorry to share that a fire broke out in the village of Naibor in the community Mutirithia this past weekend. We learned that one person has died, and several people were severely burned. The central market area of Naibor was almost completely destroyed, which includes businesses and many people’s homes.  

Our Kenya staff sent the following video.   

The cause of the fire is unknown. 

Our 410 Bridge team has been meeting with the local churches, leaders and community members to assess how we can help in their recovery.  

When catastrophes of this nature happen in 410 Bridge communities, our role turns immediately to relief. We put our development plans on hold until we can help a community return to the condition it was prior to the catastrophe. Said another way, the people impacted by this fire do not need development. They need basic necessities to survive – food, clothing, and especially shelter. Our help must be immediate and short-term. 

Local resources, as limited as they are, have already been mobilized through the local churches to help the victims of the fire. Used clothing, mattresses, utensils, and other supplies are being gathered from neighbors.  

The 410 Bridge intends to assist this local effort, specifically with rebuilding structures that were destroyed. We do not yet know the extent of the reconstruction effort, but we aim to mobilize support right away.  

We created a fundraising page for this effort. All funds raised will be designated to the victims of the fire and the reconstruction. 

We would be extremely grateful for your support and prayers for the people of Mutirithia. 

Learn more about how you can help.

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