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Wadley’s Story

The story below comes from a woman named Wadley. Here at 410, we consider her to be a hero, Wadley doesn’t consider herself a hero

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Bernadette’s Story

Have you ever been to a nursing home, or elsewhere, and met an elderly person who claimed to be some outstanding number of years old?

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Jean & Lovindi

Lovindi is an adorable, handsome little baby who enjoys attention. As him and his mother Jean made their way through the lines of the Kalapa

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Aline’s Story

The photo below was my very first interaction with Aline. She asked me to take her photo, I complied, and this is the face she

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Leona’s Story

Leona’s baby was the youngest I’d seen at the clinic. Tiny and calm, she looked like she could be less than a month old. It

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The Family Who Gives

Our second day of the medical clinic started off in a swirl of commotion, with a bigger crowd than the day before. The doctor and

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Carty’s Story

35-year-old Carty Denis and her baby son, Stanley Fortune, and her seven other children are living in a school in Port-a-Piment as they brave the

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