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About Mugaa

The name, Mugaa, was derived from the indigenous acacia tree. These trees survive in arid and semi-arid areas. People came from different forest areas and settled in this place. They cleared the forest and started farming.

Mugaa is located in a hilly terrain. It is primarily a farming community, with the main crops being maize, beans and potatoes. In good seasons, there will be adequate rainfall to produce a good harvest. Community members also raise livestock for their livelihood.

Because of its topography, most people have to walk to access a large part of the community. It is difficult to use motorized vehicles across this community. Most families own donkeys to help their transport water, firewood and produce.

Mugaa has partnered with 410 Bridge since 2020. Their major languages are Kikuyu, Swahili, and English.

Their Community Goals

  • Education Supplies and Training to Help Their Children
  • Foundations for Farming Program
  • Continued Leadership Council Training on How To Best Serve Their People
  • Savings Group Expansion
  • Fruit Tree Project
  • Secondary School Mentorship
  • Living Seed Program Expansion
  • Pastoral Training Program
  • Business Start-Up Training Program

Where is Mugaa located?

Found in Nakuru County, Rift Valley Region

Sponsor the Community of Mugaa

When you sponsor the Mugaa community through 410 Bridge, you support programs and projects that allow the people to fix their own unique set of barriers. Every chance we get, we want to empower and lift up people to recognize that God has given them giftings and skills to move their communities forward to a better and more self-sustaining place.

Sponsoring the Mugaa community, whether for $18, $23, $35, or more a month, allows for this to happen.

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