One of the most important things we do when entering a new community is building a strong and solid foundation with the local leaders. The spiritual development of community leaders, including the Leadership Council and Community Coordinator, is one of the gaps that was identified in the development of previous and graduated communities, and has been noted to have a massive impact on the success of the partnership. 2020 has been a year of rebuilding and laying the right foundation across all program areas.

The Community Coordinator and Leadership Council in Mugaa have been going through fundamental teachings on Kingdom principles in an effort to build unity amongst leaders – using the right tools to drive their vision. This training is one of the foundational trainings during the initial phase of community development.

We are so excited to see what Mugaa does in the next months and years as they walk through their community and personal development. Thank you to everyone who supports and prays for this community. Your support allows us to implement best practices as a community begins their journey and will no doubt have a huge impact on the success of their long term sustainability. Thank you!