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Kalenjin and Swahili

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Community Name & History

The community's name is derived from the first person to establish a business in the area whose name was Chembulet Sawe.

The major inhabitants are Keiyos/Elgeiyos of the larger Kalenjin Community and other tribes from every part of the country. The Kalenjins are believed to have migrated from south Sudan with other Nilotic ethnic groups.

Life & Culture

This fertile land is good for farming. The land is situated in the expansive plateau of the Rift Valley region which is globally known for producing great long-distance athletes. The locals here moved to this region in the early 1960s when Kenya attained its independence.

The community here is traditionally known for fermented milk (mursik) as their most popular food.

The month of December in this community has been set aside for merry making, it's also the month of cultural activities like boys' initiations, weddings, dowry negotiations, and family gatherings among other activities.

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