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About Chembulet

The community’s name is derived from the first person to establish a business in the area whose name was Chembulet Sawe.

This fertile land is good for farming. The land is situated in the expansive plateau of the Rift Valley region which is globally known for producing great long-distance athletes. The community here is traditionally known for fermented milk (mursik) as their most popular food.

The month of December in this community has been set aside for merry making, it’s also the month of cultural activities like boys’ initiations, weddings, dowry negotiations, and family gatherings among other activities.

Chembulet has partnered with 410 Bridge since 2015. Their major languages are Kalenjin and Swahili.

Their Community Goals

  • Education Supplies and Training to Help Their Children
  • Foundations for Farming Program
  • Continued Leadership Council Training on How To Best Serve Their People
  • Savings Group Expansion
  • Community Water Management and Sustainability
  • Fruit Tree Project
  • Secondary School Mentorship
  • Living Seed Program Expansion
  • Pastoral Training Program

Where is Chembulet located?

Found in Uasin Gishu County , Rift Valley Region

Sponsor the Community of Chembulet

When you sponsor the Chembulet community through 410 Bridge, you support programs and projects that allow the people to fix their own unique set of barriers. Every chance we get, we want to empower and lift up people to recognize that God has given them giftings and skills to move their communities forward to a better and more self-sustaining place.

Sponsoring the Chembulet community, whether for $18, $23, $35, or more a month, allows for this to happen.

Stories from Chembulet

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A mission trip, The 410 Way, is a catalyst that can propel us into action by changing our perspective of how we view the world, how we view our  world.

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