Foundations for Farming brings 31 people to Christ in Chembulet!

The Foundations for Farming training in Chembulet community kicked off on February 1st and lasted through the month with 40 community members from Chembulet actively participating. The class was divided into 2, to adhere to COVID-19 protocols of maintaining social distance. We were super excited to see that female trainees made up ¾ of the class, with 2 Male youths from the community also joining in on the training. The Demo farm was subdivided into two sections to cater for both classes.

Out of the 40 participants, 31 people in this Foundations for Farming class decided to accept Jesus into their hearts! Mr. Reuben Chelal, was one of those people and has a pretty incredible story to tell…

Reuben, who had been addicted to cigarette smoking and alcohol, told us how the training revolutionized his life. After carefully listening to the teachings in the first few days of training and later on in the month, he decided not to continue destroying his body. His health immediately began to improve and he has now started to care for his family better. Before this change he would spend 200 shillings daily on alcohol and cigarettes, he now takes that amount and spends it to improve the livelihood of his family. His wife used to sleep outside of their house when he would come home drunk but that has since stopped after Reuben he gave his life to Christ. They now read bible scriptures each day together.

Thank you to everyone who supports and prays for Chembulet community. This program has a HUGE impact on the Chembulet, both economically and spiritually. We pray that you feel the impact and life transformation you have made possible. Thank you!

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