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Before Rancho Viejo was developed, the entire area was used to plant coffee. The people that came to work on the different coffee farms built a small shack on the property to have lunch and breaks during the day. Over time, people began to build their personal homes here and formed a community. The small old shack remained for a while and the community was named Rancho Viejo meaning "old shack."

Life & Culture

The community is known for the production of coffee. However, because of their climate, fruit trees do well here - oranges, lemons, mangoes, avocados and bananas. Some people have begun to produce honey also.

The Rancho Viejo river runs through this community and eventually connects to other rivers to form the Selegua River which flows into Mexico as a very important water source for irrigation of their crops.

Stories from Rancho Viejo

Building Community: My Journey with a Savings Group

Meet Manacesi Lopez Garcia de Herrera, a 34-year-old resident of Rancho Viejo, Guatemala who recently shared her story with one of our team members.

She is the mother of three children – Kimberly, 17 years old, Ashly, 12 years old, and Dilmar, five years old. Her love for them serves as the driving force in her life. She recently became a member of 410 Bridge’s Savings Group Program along with other women in her community.

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