Las Lomas


The 410 Bridge began partnering with the community of Las Lomas, which means “the hills,” in 2018. The 410 Bridge just started working in this community, but the Leadership Council has already unified to determine their community development priorities. Those priorities include the improvement of the infrastructure and equipment of the local health facility, school kitchen renovation, and rehabilitation of existing portable water infrastructure.

What is the community known for?

When there are projects, all the people get involved and collaborate with money for what is going to be needed.

Main Economic Activity

Many of the men in the community work in masonry, all in their coffee plantations have plantations of plantains and bananas.


Stories from Las Lomas

Las Lomas Community Update

This update comes straight from our staff in Guatemala! Community: Las Lomas, Union Cantinil, Huehuetenango  Project/Programs Currently Running:   Round tables with Guatemala Próspera.  Organizational strengthening  Latest update for the community as a whole:  1) Round Tables with Guatemala Próspera, this is a 30 week program, following John C. Maxwell   book “La transformacion está en Mi”.   This discipleship

Top Priorities


Project Details: Rehabilitation of existing potable water infrastructure


Project Details: School kitchen renovation and equipment


Project Details: Improvement of infrastructure and equipment of the local health facility

Help restore Las Lomas toward dignity, purpose and freedom!