Las Lomas Community Update

This update comes straight from our staff in Guatemala!

Community: Las Lomas, Union Cantinil, Huehuetenango 

Project/Programs Currently Running:  

  • Round tables with Guatemala Próspera. 
  • Organizational strengthening 

Latest update for the community as a whole: 

1) Round Tables with Guatemala Próspera, this is a 30 week program, following John C. Maxwell   book “La transformacion está en Mi”.   This discipleship program wants to look for values in Leaders and decision-makers in our communities.   Leaders from Las Lomas will be part of the first workshop September the 25th so later they can do round tables with 5 more people from their community so the impact will be bigger.  

2) Organizational strengthening, for more than two years, 410 bridge has been working alongside community leaders such as pastors, authorities, catholic leaders, women representative from Las Lomas. By strengthening them socially, organizationally and spiritually, we hope they can work on their own development and success as a community. 

Biggest challenge the community is facing, if any?  

There are a lot of improvements that need to be done in order to provide high quality education and healthcare.  The authorities of Guatemala have abandoned these communities. So, as 410 bridge, we need to be working really close to these communities, empowering and encouraging them.   

How can we be praying for the community?  

  • Pray for the community Leaders to be wise at making decisions.  
  • Pray for the population of Las Lomas, for their health and wellness. 

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