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About Chipila

Chipila – Chiuleu, in Kaqchik (a Mayan language) means “wash station by the road.” In the past when homes did not have individual water taps, women would go to a local wash station in this area to wash their clothing. Thus, that is what the community came to be called.

This area is known for their production of coffee. Some vegetables are also grown in the area.

Women in the community weave clothing and make costumes typically worn for certain celebrations. The community has very positive leaders and they work hard for the benefit of the community. Chipila has partnered with 410 Bridge since 2020.

Their Community Goals

  • Savings Groups Expansion For Continued Economic Development
  • Health Clinic Equipment
  • Education Supplies to Continue to Help Their Children
  • Continued Leadership Council Training on How To Best Serve Their People
  • Bible Distribution for Continued Spiritual Development

Where is Chipila located?

The hamlet of Chipila, village of Choatalum in the municipality of San Martín Jilotepeque, department of Chimaltenango located in the central region of Guatemala.

Sponsor the Community of Chipila

When you sponsor the Chipila community through 410 Bridge, you support programs and projects that allow the people to fix their own unique set of barriers. Every chance we get, we want to empower and lift up people to recognize that God has given them giftings and skills to move their communities forward to a better and more self-sustaining place.

Sponsoring the Chipila community, whether for $18, $23, $35, or more a month, allows for this to happen.

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