Our three newest community partnerships come to you from the San Martin region of Guatemala. One of these newest communities is called Chipila.

Chipila has a very interesting and heartwarming story with the 410 Bridge. The community became part of the 410 family because the previous community being vetted for partnership decided it wasn’t the right time for them to partner and Chipila Community was happy to take their place. After a short time and a few meetings, the leaders of Chipila were excited and enthusiastic about the 410 Bridge way of development and told us they would like to include Chioleu, their neighboring community who they share churches, schools, and water projects with, in the partnership.

Chipila – Chioleu has been our most active community in the San Martin area. They quickly consolidated a very robust and active Leadership Council and zipped through training on the 410 Bridge model. We have now officially started our first project in the community – a water filter project – it is going smoothly and there has been a great response from the community. Chipila- Chiouleu have also been doing other projects on their own, which is always encouraging to see a community doing for themselves. They have built a small health clinic and are working on a new well for the community. Wee are very proud to see how well they’ve adopted the 410bridge model and strive to do everything they can to make the dreams for their community come true.

We are so excited for Chipila Community and for their future U.S partners that walk beside them on their road of development.