Pray for Rain

Pray for Rain

This morning, like many of you, I was sitting in a long line of traffic in the pouring rain… disliking the fact that the rain was making my Monday morning commute to the office much longer than normal.  Since I was the only one in the car, there was no one to complain to, but if you could read my thoughts you would know I was irritated.  Later in the morning at our weekly staff meeting, we shared prayer requests and Rob reminded everyone to pray for rain for Kenya.  (Kenya is currently suffering from a one of the worst droughts in years.) As God is so faithful to do, He immediately convicted my complaining spirit and turned it into amazing gratitude for the rain we had this morning.  The rain I see outside my office window is a beautiful reminder for me to pray for the people of Kenya who are in such desperate need of rain.  I hope the next time I’m stuck in a rain induced traffic jam, that I will remember to pray for those who need the rain we are blessed with instead of complaining about it.


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