I Have Never Felt This Alive To Try

“If I could tell 410 partners one thing it would be……..” blog by Lucy Andrew, our Kenya Sponsorship Coordinator

My journey with the 410 Bridge started in 2008 when I joined as a community coordinator in one of our already graduated communities, Ngaamba North, Kenya. I didn’t know what to expect in this organization, but I was excited about the opportunity of a job and serving my community.

At that time, I thought helping with handouts helps uplift lives, but getting myself involved in the lives of my very own people and understanding how the 410 Bridge works – that my community is not just a set of problems but the solution – opened my eyes to see how beautiful my community was and what great potential lied right in the community. This opened my eyes to see that we are the solution to our challenges – God has given us extensive fertile lands and resources, and we have brilliant minds and government networks to access allocated resources. Through serving my community, I came to understand that it all begins in the mind. 

As a Community Coordinator, I grew in love with kids, I grew in love with the picture I saw in my mind, a picture of hope and full potential of achieving our goals as a community. We worked together with like-minded church leaders to influence the rest of the community towards the same perspective. The 410 Bridge develops communities to adopt change of lifestyle brought about by a transformation of the mind.

A few years later, an opportunity arose in our Nairobi office in the Education Program, and I was excited as I saw this as an opportunity to serve the kids. I am now serving as the Sponsorship Coordinator for Kenya.

Working with the 410 Bridge has grown me personally, grown my faith to know Christ to be the head and author of my identity. I have moved from working for money to serving God in my workplace. I have the confidence to have regained my freedom to exercise my God-given gifts.  I have never felt this alive to try.

Through my work as a Sponsorship Coordinator, I have grown to become curious and unafraid of mistakes and courageous enough to push beyond limits. God is leading me in a process of fully realizing who I am in Him day by day. I am continuously learning how to influence my family to this transformation that attracts growth and learning how to influence my community and church to this kind of thinking.

Dear partners, from where I sit as the 410 Bridge Kenya Sponsorship Coordinator, I have witnessed transformation happening in our communities. I have seen families living in extreme poverty uplift their lifestyles and adopt better living standards. Very poor families who could not afford a decent meal and had their kids walk bear footed to primary school, who had their kids being sent home for days due to school fees, kids who have never dreamed beyond grade 8, let alone a career in future.

These families now strive to encourage their kids to work hard with the motivation of high school sponsorship by the 410 Bridge at the back of their minds. Communities who had never attended a university graduation ceremony are now uniting to celebrate the victory of their children going to university and graduating, this is being made possible by your continued selfless support towards the sponsorship program.

Itumbule Primary School in my neighboring community Ngaamba South for years never had a child scoring above 300 marks are now sending over 10 students to extra-country schools, and they are being recognized as competitive schools at regional levels. Victoria, who was among the first lot in sponsorship from the school and from a very humble background did her best, went to university, and is now working with the 410 Bridge, giving back to her community and encouraging other community kids that their future is not determined by their background.

I have seen separated families uniting after working to uplift their burdens. Fathers who run away from responsibilities due to harsh economic times come back to reunite with their families as soon as they see that their children are going to school, their wives are working hard to better their future, and the community uniting to show them love. I have seen girls not getting married at a young age as was the case before, and absenteeism in school drops drastically due to the provision of the school feeding program and the dignity for girls’ program as well as mentorship sessions.

Dear partners, 2nd Peter 1:3 says, “His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue,” I would like to thank you for continuing to be part of God’s mission of walking alongside the 410 Bridge to restoring our communities’ dignity, helping them walk in freedom as they continue to discover their purpose in life.

Find a child to sponsor here and be part of this life-giving change!


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