Today is World Water Day.  A day of the year set aside to raise awareness and remind us of the global crisis that is a reality for over 1 billion people.  So today we remember those who suffer, with no access to clean water to drink.

It’s a nice gesture… but what about tomorrow, the day after that, next month?

The 410 Bridge serves in 12 communities in Kenya most of which don’t need a World Water Day to remind them of the reality that they live with every day.  As we work to help enable the self-developing capabilities of the people we serve, water is not only something to drink, it is the foundation their sustainability as a community is built on.  Water impacts health care, education, enterprise, and ultimately the spiritual development within a community.

Our goal is to work through local churches and indigenous leadership in 410 Bridge communities to partner together to find long-term sustainable solutions to the water problems in each community.

We can’t do this alone…

H2O4K (Water for Kenya) was created to give people just like you the opportunity to be a part of the solution to the water crisis in Kenya.  Check out the video and a link for more information below for three different ways to get involved.

Visit our H2O4K page for more info on how you can help, get fundraising graphics, and take a look at our FAQ’s and project updates here.