Why We Fight (Part 3)

Reason #3
Reason #3

Here are Why We Fight reasons 1-3 that James wrote on his recent trip to Kenya. Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2 for reasons 4-10.

3.  True service is humbling and powerful.
When we showed up to work with the special needs class the teacher had us take all the students outside.  She then began to bring out several large wash basins, and explained to us that many of these children had no shoes, and were sometimes suffering with severe cases of jiggers. (A jigger, scientific name Tunga penetrans, is a sand flea that is brought about by lack of hygiene and breeds in dirty areas. The impregnated female Tunga embeds itself in the skin under the toenails and feeds on the skin of its host. A jigger-infested foot is completely disfigured; the afflicted can barely walk due to the pain from ruptured flesh. The resulting social isolation in turn creates a sense of trauma and reduced self-esteem.) We were to wash their feet, scrub out the jiggers the best we could, and then put medicine on their raw, jigger infected feet.  God used this process to bring our team to a place of amazing humility and ultimately brokenness.  It was incredible.

2.  People are meeting Jesus.
The Gospel is being spread through the work being done.  We have seen three community members come to faith in Jesus on this trip because of conversations they have had with team members.  It has been truly amazing.  God is using the teams that come and the community members that come out to serve to reach those that are lost and bring them into relationship with Him.

1.  We are called.
We are living out the calling that God gives all believers to love people, help the poor and oppressed, take care of widows and orphans, and to go make disciples.  We are truly the hands, feet, and heart of Christ to the people that we are serving.  In doing what we do and being obedient to God’s calling, God is receiving glory in many forms from many, many people.


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