Where’s the FUN in Fundraising?

Trips season is coming up quickly and that means fundraising is in full swing! Our good friend & 410 advocate Jenny wrote a blog to help you navigate how to fundraise in a FUN and engaging way!

Asking people for money, even when for missions, isn’t something that most people enjoy.  Often times, it becomes something we all dread because we don’t want to “nag”.

How about this?

What if I were to throw down a gauntlet and challenge you to shift your perspective?  It isn’t just asking for money – it’s partnership.  No one does missions alone because that’s impossible.  We were created for community.  Thinking we can do anything on our own, especially share the love of Jesus through service and the Gospel, would be silly!

Then, the question becomes HOW? 

The options of FUNdraising are unlimited.  There are bake sales, car washes, baby sitting, garage sales, art auctions, etc. Let me tell you about the Envelope Fundraiser. The premise here is that the envelopes have to be numbered.  It can be for however many you need: 1-50, 1-100, etc.  From there, whatever envelope or envelopes a person selects is the amount of money they contribute.  If someone picked envelope 7, they would contribute $7.00 total. 

This expands the impact to people who think just a dollar won’t make a difference.  The truth of the matter is, every dollar makes an impact and has the same goal of sharing Jesus with the world!  Some kids want to give to the nations but don’t because they feel as though even $2.00 won’t help.  It sincerely does!  This allows us as a society to teach people of all ages and life demographics that they matter and it helps!

Another FUNdraising idea is hosting game nights for people in your church or community.  Who DOESN’T love friendly competition for a good cause?!  You can incorporate spinning a wheel and whatever it lands on is what the person gives.  I don’t know about you, but I’d love to kick some tail in BINGO for a good cause!

These are just bits and pieces of ways to make it more fun than a chore.  When people don’t feel labored in giving, they are CHEERFUL givers.  This is one reason incorporating 1 Peter 4:10 is crucial.  We all have God-given gifts ranging from serving, arts, speaking, building, and etc.  We are to be good stewards and use those gifts to encourage others and serve God.  Just because you’re not good at drawing doesn’t mean you can’t help with an art auction.  It just means you don’t draw.  You get to incorporate by investing in relationships and inviting people to partner with your group in service.  Personally, the only drawing you’d want me to do is pulling a name out of a hat!  But that just means I weave words and not pictures.   Whatever your gifts are, they can be used to bring God glory and share the love of Jesus…which brings forth sincere joy!

So where’s the fun in fundraising? 

It’s anywhere we strive to put it!  Make the most of what you’ve been given.  To God be the glory!

Written by: Jenny Goodwin

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