Since the 2011-2012 Daraja choir tours were cancelled, you may think that Daraja has disappeared, but rest assured folks that it’s alive and well. We still have 77 children in the Daraja Alumni program who have traveled with Daraja between 2007-2010. Every term, each of the students is visited by our Daraja Alumni Coordinator, Alice Nyambura. They receive encouragement, check ups on their spiritual growth and educational development, and get any letters you may be sending them!

In addition, leadership sponsors help us to provide leadership training for them at 3 retreats a year: April, August and December. If you’re interested in coming to Kenya for a Daraja retreat, we have one coming up this December! For more information, contact!

Alice, Daraja Alumni Coordinator, meets with Beth- Daraja 2010


Alice with Grace and Elizabeth (both Daraja 2010) at Kawamaitha Primary


Visiting Alumni Sammy and Josephine