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This post is the final post in a series on the NewSpring blog  from on of our owners who travelled on a recent trip to Kenya. Just like everyone who goes with our church to Kenya, God rocked her world. This post is part fourin a four part series of posts about what she learned.

Once we got out of Nairobi and out of Nanyuki and into the natural, unaltered part of Segera, where we served, I could not stop marveling at the beauty right in front of my eyes. From the people, to the animals, to the mountains and the sky … gorgeous! Everything took my breath away!

It wasn’t just me either. I kept hearing, “The people here are so beautiful.” And, they are. Those big, white smiles. Full of joy, songs and laughter. So beautiful. The animals! Breathtaking! To see a zebra, a giraffe, a camel in its natural habitat is incredible. The zoo will never be the same.
They sky is magnificent! So big. So, so big! It goes on forever and ever. I’m pretty sure  I saw the curvature of the earth. And, the clouds! They don’t even look real they are so perfect. Fluffy, white, painted clouds and a crisp blue sky. Incredible, isn’t it?

Our last morning there, many of us woke up early, early to see the sunrise over Mt. Kenya. Something you have to do, it’s not every day one gets to see the sun rise over Africa. I put on my hoodie, turned up my iPod and marveled at God’s creation as I watched God’s paintbrush unfold before my eyes. Gorgeous. Magnificent. Breathtaking.
And, it was while I was watching this that He, once again, whispered ever so gently, “My creation is beautiful everywhere. The hands that made these people, these animals, that painted these skies are the same hands that made the people on your side of the world, same hands that formed the animals and paints the skies. Simply pause. Stop and marvel right where I have you.”

He’s right. How often do I carry my camera around to take pictures of the sunset? How often do I wake up at 5:30 am to see the sunrise? Um, never. How often do I slow down long enough to see the beauty in the cashier at Target? I don’t. Do I stop the car and point out the cute bunny hopping around on the side of the road? Nope. But, I will now. Because His creation here is just as beautiful and breathtaking as it was there. Different? Yes. But, still absolutely gorgeous!