Throughout the pandemic, we brainstormed numerous ways we could keep our communities abroad and churches here in the U.S, connected. With the help of our staff in each of our countries, we came up with ideas that they thought would not only be beneficial to the people in the communities where we work, but fun too!

One idea that was carried over from our marriage-focused trips we had lead in the past was to do a ‘Virtual Marriage Experience’, where a U.S couple and Guatemalan couple could share with one another to help encourage and strengthen the other’s marriage. Also included in the experience were some fun team building exercises between spouses to promote better communication, like building a duct tape wallet where each person could only use one of their hands.

Carlos Soto, our Western Highlands Community Coordinator, gave us an update on how a recent experience with a couple from Grace Family Church and one from Rancho Viejo went…

“It went very very well.  The Rancho Viejo couple was from the Catholic Church.  They were very excited about the experience.  They weren’t shy and there was lots of sharing between both couples.  The two couples actually had a lot in common.  They loved that the lesson was based on scripture and all of the discussion around it.  They also really enjoyed the activity of making a cell phone pouch out of duct tape.  I guess they made it into a competition and the Guatemalan couple won!”

Check out these fun photos below to see what the experience was like! We are so grateful for all the couples who took the time to participate in this awesome exchange!