Updates on the Chembulet Water Project

As many of you may know, Chembulet’s road to clean water was a long one. They faced many challenges when drilling and trying to find ground that had drinkable water. Today, we are glad to bring you another report on their positive steps forward in water development!

Solar panels have been set in place as a sustainable way to pump water from the water tanks to Chembulet’s multiple primary schools, secondary school, as well as their local health center. This is a huge step forward for the community and it’s memebers. Clean and safe drinking water is not only a reality but is easily accessible now, which makes a huge difference in the lives of the people living in Chembulet. They no longer have to walk long distances and spend the majority of their day fetching water.

Thank you to all of our partners, trip participants, and child and community sponsors who have made this project possible for Chembulet Community. Accessible water is a game changer for communities and their development, freeing up time for families and individuals to focus on their businesses and wellbeing.

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