Segera Clinic

I received the following email from David Sigilia, the new director of the Segera Mission, this week.


Hello brother, in Christ’s name.

We are fine and hope that you are also happy, healthy and growing in the spirit of the Lord.  Segera Mission is going on well.  We thank God that this year will be the year that we have asked God to give us His spirit in order to do more evangelism, open air meetings and house to house visits.  Here is an update on other activities.


Since the area is rooted in early marriages and girl circumcision, we have decided that my wife (Lillian) will do the women’s ministries and conduct meetings with ladies and teach them the importance of knowing Christ and of education.  She was in charge of the girls in a children’s home where used to live that housed 76 orphans.  She will be a blessing to the women in the Segera region.  She has been taking up all of the women’s ministry responsibilities since Faith’s departure as they use to do it together.  Please pray that the women’s ministries will bear fruits and that the women will be transformed and live for Christ.

The clinic, on Jan 26, 2010 had some patients who had deep cuts in their heads and our nurse, who is competent, managed to work on them and they were allowed to go home.  The number of patients have gone up which actually shows that there is an outbreak of diseases.  Most patients complain of the chest and malaria.  Pray for them since we are not used to having such a great number each day.

The church has grown from the previous number of about 80 to over 300 weekly and now do not have desks or seats to sit on.  We thank God that even the elders who were not coming to church have now started coming again.

We are planning to have a women’s conference and we intend to feed them.  The meeting will be in two days time.

God bless you abundantly and your entire staff.  We hope the transition is going on well.

Yours faithfully,