Uganda: Come and see…

In 2012, the people of Kaihura, Uganda invited us to join with them in developing a Leadership Council and begin work on sustainable projects in their community. Since then, we have seen many programs launched including quality education, safe water and orphan child sponsorship.

We are often overwhelmed by the ways that God moves His purposes forward – and we have many stories to prove it. If you love Uganda like we do, here are some of our latest updates to keep you in the know…come and see what God is doing!

Book Launch
Recently, the Council came together with the area education officer, school management team and parents to create a Book Launch for students, with many types of books donated using funds raised within the community. The District Educational Office (DEO) attended the event and pledged to continue supporting the school and making it a model school for teachers.

Kaihura teachers and leadership council members thankfully received the books. Parents in attendance and school management joined together to cover the books and create a secure cabinet space to store the books so they are kept in good condition.

 “I am excited for the students to have books to read. Now there is no reason they will not be able to post the best results in the area. This is my happiest day to see such support, I have never experienced this before in my teaching career!” -Community Head Teacher

Each child in school will have access to new books for reading and learning on his or her school level.

The event was a very special occasion for all involved, and the students were excited and honored to receive the books.

Child Sponsorship
The Home Again Children’s Home currently houses orphaned children in Kaihura, with the opportunity to sponsor through The 410 Bridge Child Sponsorship program. Children in the home are seeing lasting change through programs geared towards quality education, regular health check-ups and having a personal relationship with Jesus. Because we have seen a difference, we have recently added a new partner! Noah’s Arc Children’s Home is also in Kaihura, and we currently have opportunities to sponsor children in this home too.

Tracy is a child in need of sponsorship in Uganda.

God continues to lead us to these children, and we are thankful to be invited into the process of connecting their hearts to their Creator. We invite you to consider sponsoring one of the children by taking the first step here.

Daraja Choir
Last year, we began the journey of bringing Ugandan children to the U.S. as part of the Daraja Choir… what an exciting adventure for them, and for us! This year, we are doing it again, and are glad to announce our Fall Tour is launching in September! If you have ever had the chance to see Daraja in action on tour, then you know what the beautiful experience brings of joining with the children in worship. Currently, our Daraja Choir staff and interns are in Kaihura meeting the 2014-15 choir members and hosting a retreat for the previous years’ choirs. This retreat brings the Daraja Family back together for a time of renewed spirits and minds in Christ. There are so many ways to play a small part in this ministry – be sure to follow Daraja for all of the latest updates!

The 2014-15 Daraja Choir is getting ready to cross the bridge! Join us on tour this fall.

Open for a trip to Uganda?
We currently have one open trip to Uganda scheduled for November 6-11, 2014, and are looking for team members who are willing to work on a variety of community projects, guided by community leaders in Kaihura. If you have a passion to serve and availability, this could be the trip for you! Register here.

We are grateful for friends of 410 – that’s you! We know that without you, we would not be able to do the work that God has called us to do, and we appreciate your willingness to serve and administer God’s grace. What a privilege we have to serve and give glory to God!

“Come and see what God has done, His wonderful acts among people.” -Psalm 66:5


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