Last week, 410 Bridge just sent the first team to a new community called Oban, Haiti. We are excited to report that the team was well received and the community was extremely excited!

Roll up the sleeves…it’s time to go to work. 

The ride over to the work site was quite lively. Full of life and anticipation.   Can I say I have never seen such a large turn out of the community. Incredible!!!!! Hundreds of people working together to do road repairs. The men on our team joined up with the men of the community wielding pick axes to widen the road and create channels for the water to flow, shovels and ranks to level the  road. The women of our team joined up with the women of the community carrying rocks (boulders) up and down the mountain to fill pot holes and strengthen parts the road nearest the cliff. Exhausting, back breaking work…what an understatement!!  At times some of our younger female team members paused to share photos with the children and women, sweet relief. 

In the midst of all the work there were side meetings with various community members further explaining 410’s role in the community. Somewhere around noon just before it was time for the team to leave the worksite, we gathered the community together to share more about 410’s role in the community and what to expect. We stood on a hill with a few hundred members of the community gathered below. Ronald addressed the crowd and did a fantastic job explaining the foundational principles of 410 Bridge. We fielded a few questions from the crowd and introduced the Leadership Council. The crowd gave us a roaring applause of approval. Mission accomplished!  

Stay tuned…