Trips Highlight: GlobalX in Ngaamba

The following is a blog written by trip leader Betsy Foy for the globalx blog. Thanks Betsy for serving so beautifully and partnering with 410 Bridge!

Kenya 6

“A piece of the puzzle” – That’s a great way to describe my team. It also happens to be one of my big takeaways from another AMAZING experience in Ngaamba, Kenya.

This was my third trip to Ngaamba, and it was another success! My team really worked hard and supported one another. They opened their hearts to the community and jumped right in to help in any way possible. It was fun for me to meet new people and catch up with past friends. I love seeing how much some of the Kenyan young adults are growing. Johannes and Ben, our program and community leaders in Ngaamba, seemed unsure and a little hesitant when I first met them on previous trips. Now…they are taking charge and stepping up with assertive confidence. So fun to watch the change! I also witnessed other significant changes, which brings me back to the concept of a piece of the puzzle.

Kenya 4

Over and over again we heard phrases such as, “This is because of 410 Bridge,” and, “410 Bridge made this possible.” The 410 Bridge is the organization that partners with North Point Ministries for trips to Kenya, Uganda, and Haiti. They have been working with the community for a little over five years now. During that time, Ngaamba has seen amazing growth and development. One story that sticks out in my mind is the secondary school where we worked. 410 Bridge built their first school five years ago. It was a small building to accommodate a small amount of students. The Kenyan government heard about the development and ended up building three additional buildings and an administration building. Once the government got involved, faculty and staff were assigned to the school. As a result, students in Ngaamba now have more opportunities for secondary school. FANTASTIC! All of this came from one small building built by an organization that cares. And, The 410 Bridge couldn’t do it without teams like mine. And my team couldn’t do it without individuals willing to put themselves out there. People who are willing to go and those people willing to stay and support us through prayer and giving financially.

Kenya 2

So there you have it! A small piece of the puzzle leading to major changes and making a powerful impact. It can be easy to get caught up in the details of one small trip and wonder, “Am I making a difference? Does a week really influence change?” But when you step back and look at the big picture and hear community members express deep, heartfelt gratitude for the compassion of an organization you support – you not only see the impact, but you feel it deep inside. It’s a good reminder that God uses seemingly insignificant people and events in our lives to affect change in a powerful way.


Betsy Foy, Trip Leader

Ngaamba, Kenya – June 6-15, 2013

Kenya 7

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