To Solve a Problem.

Res-o-lu-tion n.  a firm decision to do something

Re-solve v.  to solve a problem, or to find a satisfactory way of dealing with an issue

At this time of year, we hear and talk a lot about resolutions.  Many people resolve to get in better shape, get organized, be on time, spend less money, etc.  Those are all great things and it’s always a great idea to think of ways to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.  I may even try to spend a little less time on social media this year. 😉

When I looked at the actual definition of “resolve,” it got me thinking.  “Solve a problem.”  Most years I think of resolutions to better myself.  Solve problems in my daily life.  Simple things that seem pretty doable, although somehow it usually falls apart by the middle of March.

Maybe because the problems I’m trying to resolve aren’t big enough… aren’t important enough.  I don’t doubt that less time on social media will be better for those around me, especially my family.  I don’t doubt that getting in better shape this year and staying on budget won’t benefit my life.  But, those are things I should be doing all the time anyway.  And, though, the New Year is a great time to look at those again, and re-motivate, maybe it’s time to look at the problems outside of “me.”

What if this year, we resolve to “solve the problem” of poverty for ONE child?  What if this year, we “make a firm decision to do something” about ONE child in Kenya, Uganda or Haiti?  It’s as simple as sponsoring a child.   Your monthly “resolve” and a donation of $35 can impact not only the life of a child, but their family and the entire community they live in.

To learn more, and make this your New Year’s resolution, please click here.

~ posted by Kristi Daugherty

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