As the olympics get underway, we’re reminded that underneath all our differences and divides, we long to be connected to each other. Around the world. We long to learn about each other, to connect and know and be known by people across the globe.

Here at 410, it’s by a very similar spirit we continue to work to be a link between our brothers and sisters. To help bridge the divide and participate in what God is up to in Uganda, Kenya and Haiti.

How can YOU be a part of this connecting?

Have you considered sponsorship?  Our sponsorship program creates a meaningful way to personally connect with a child in another culture, and make a huge impact in their life by providing opportunity for a quality education, clean water, health and wellness check-ups and Christ-centered spiritual development programs.

To see some of the children available for sponsorship click here.

Maybe this is your time to make a connection across the bridge.  It’s not Sochi, but you’re welcome to keep watching what’s happening there, too.  We encourage it.