The following was written by one of the members of the Parker Hill Team to Karagoto:

If the goal of The 410 Bridge is to connect the people of a church in America to the people in a community in Kenya, then this mission trip fully achieved the building of a bridge. How I prayed for the people of Karagoto before I left and how I pray for them now is completely different. It is no longer merely an idea about caring for these poor people in a foreign country who I do not know other than as “facts”.

The people of Karagoto are not poor. They are close to God and their sense of community is a lesson for us to learn. They are my friends. Fellow Christians who are praying for the same desires of God.

The world is much smaller and God’s power is that much more apparent. This was my first mission trip, and I cannot imagine it having been a better experience. My life is forever changed. The connection between my heart and the hearts of those in Kenya has been made.