The beauty of sharing a meal.

This week, we have a special guest post by one of our child sponsors, who was able to visit her sponsored child in Michura, Kenya.

by Camille Claybrook – Cary, NC
DSC05203-300x448My family decided to sponsor a child in Michura last year when we learned our church would be partnering with this community through The 410 Bridge.  The possibility that one of us might meet him or her one day was certainly exciting!  As we were looking through pictures of these precious children, Sharon stood out to us immediately.  She was 13-years-old when we began sponsoring her.  I have a special place in my heart for girls and the unique challenges they face.  What a privilege to be a small part of Sharon’s story.

Fast-forward several months.  My husband, Stephen, and I had an opportunity to visit Michura on a short-term mission trip.  Over the moon excited!  So surreal.  We were on our way to Kenya.  We were going to meet Sharon!  Another aspect of our trip that I was especially excited about was joining a family in Michura in their home for a meal.

DSC05353 We were thrilled to meet Sharon on our first day in Michura!  She is a lovely young lady.  My husband Stephen also met her father, George.  When the day came to join a family in their home for a cooking lesson and lunch, I was so surprised and excited that I was on my way to Sharon’s home!  What a gift!  I was able to meet her step-mother, Elsha, and so enjoyed getting to know her.  We left Michura feeling a bond to new friends that we hope to visit again one day.


If you are interested in finding out more about our Sponsorship Program, or if you are a current sponsor and want to learn how you can visit your sponsored child, click here!

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