What an incredible sight to see students and adults attempting to do what a Kenyan woman will do several times a day, carry a 45 pound container of water on their back.  People lined up to put themselves in the place of women who will walk several kilometers each way to obtain water for their family.  While a normal westerner will use 180 gallons of water per day the average Kenyan will use about 5 gallons sometimes walking several miles to a water source and then carrying the 45 pound container home and will do this several times a day.  The participants at the 410 Bridge track at Daytona found it was much more difficult than it looked.  It took 24 laps around our track to equal 1 kilometer. It is not uncommon for a Kenyan woman to walk 5 or more kilometers for water which is about 3 miles or 120 laps around the track.  Very few were able to go even 5 laps although a few guys endured 100+ and the top girl was 64 laps.  This was a huge hit and really gave all a very practical and compassionate lesson in the everyday life of a Kenyan woman.


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