Health Report from Kenya

The following report is from from Maggie, our Community Health Coordinator in Kenya. It’s in raw form so please pardon any language or grammatical variations…

Maggie and her team visited several schools for general health screenings, deworming, jiggers treatments, maternal health appointments, and to follow up on special needs cases. Read the highlights below!


“Several schools were visited in March for these activities, the school received the activities positively and they were supportive. This is not taken for granted instead we thank all who supported us. Generally, majority of the pupils had good health but some had health conditions which needs medical attention.

Special needs case follow up: On March 4th, 2016, we visited Mercy at her school i.e. Marwa primary school. Mercy is the special health needy patient who was identified during the June/July 2015 medical camp held at Itumbule dispensary- Ngaamba community. The aim of our visit was to see how she is progressing and also to get feedback from Mercy her mother and her teachers.


Mercy has regained her health and she can now enjoy life like any other child of her age. Mercy was happy and jovial that she is currently not suffering from any pain and she thanked God for healing her. Mercy’s dream is to become a teacher and she is working hard to achieve her dream.

The feedback from both her teachers and her mother was positive and encouraging as they all said they have seen God healing Mercy. The teacher was sure that Mercy will post good grades in her academic moving forward. The mother was grateful to God for healing her daughter and thanked the 410 bridge for acting as a bridge for her daughter’s’ treatment citing that she had given up hope on her health.

Summary: Mercy was admitted on January 28, 2016 she underwent a successful heart surgery. Mercy was discharged on February 2nd, 2016 and on February 24th she went for review and the doctors gave her clean bill of health and told the mother to bring her back if she sees/detects anything unusual with Mercy. Mercy is currently healthy and not on any medication.  We are grateful to God for His blessings and we thank all those who supported this need. May God bless you abundantly and we wish Mercy good health and success in her life.

School in Ngaamba

Special needs case follow up: I also visited Ezekiel who has right parotid tumour and has to undergo surgery to remove it. The main aim of the visit was to find out his progress and also to inform him that he needed to start the process of booking an appointment with his doctor since there was money for this need. Ezekiel did as advised and he visited Kijabe Mission hospital… Our team is working to get him an admission appointment as soon as possible.

Maternal Health Care: I visited Kiria community where I had scheduled to do a maternal healthcare training. The turnout was good and we had an agreement with the women it the community on how we were to carry out the activity. We will begin training next month.

It has been a month of hard work having to visit several schools for screening and deworming and doing other health activities. I am grateful to God for giving me the chance and strength to serve his people; I thank the donors who supported the activities all who offered me support while exercising my duty. Let us all continue working as a team and by so doing our goals will be achieved.”



School in Ngaamba

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