A: Everything was egg-cellent!

The Christmas List is a program based on Isaiah 1:17 that provides sustainable income-generating livestock for the most needy families as identified by the Leadership Councils in our 410 Bridge communities in Kenya and Haiti.  In these communities, parents often struggle to provide food for their families. By giving a gift of livestock to families in need this Christmas, you can help these parents become more self-sufficient, leading to healthier children who are more involved in school and their community.

Chickens give children and families a lasting source of nutrition and income. Fresh eggs raise the levels of protein and other nutrients in a family’s diet, and the sale of extra eggs and chickens can pay for vital basic needs. Your gift of chickens can also multiply to impact future generations. Each family that receives chickens can sell the offspring for extra income or share them with other families in need. Chicks require little money, space, or food to thrive and grow, making them an ideal business venture for a single mom or vulnerable family.

Visit http://410bridge.gostorego.com/ to learn more!