Piatre Community Update

This is a Piatre community report straight from our Haitian Staff…

Project / Programs Currently Running: 

  • Savings and credit ministry 
  • Sponsorship program 
  • Training on sustainable development 
  • Sewing project 

Latest update for the community as a whole: 

Sponsorship program: 

  • This program is working very well in Piatre community, 34 kids have been sponsored in 2 schools in Piatre community.. This program is helpful because it allows kids to get access to go school and helps lift the quality of education.

The savings and credit ministry: 

  • We continue to make progress in many communities in this area. In Piatre, there are 67 groups from different churches who work and collaborate to improve the condition of their lives. Most of the people who attend the ministry of savings and credit, have given a testimony about how this ministry has helped them.
  • More than 25 people from that community have received loans from the group to start their informal businesses and to take care of their families.
  • For example: In Piatre community, the people living there must walk a long way to get water to drink and for other uses. The savings and credit group members met to discuss how they could help to solve this problem. After the discussion, they created a Fund called (FODEC) Fund of Community Development, where everybody who wants to help to resolve this problem can donate. So, they have already raised 100,000 gourdes for the water project.

A training on sustainable development: 

  • The Leadership Council had a training about sustainable development in order to help them understand and have more knowledge on this concept.

The sewing project center: 

  • The center has been established. All the equipment has been installed and the launch of that project has occurred and operations have begun. A test was launched for 5 people who will teach in the sewing center in the community to identify who will be qualified to teach at the main school. Most of the young people from piatre community feel so blessed to have the sewing project and can’t wait to register in sewing school center.
Opening day at the Sewing facility.

Biggest challenge community is facing if any? 

  • The biggest challenge the community is facing with is health. When a health issue arises here, people have to go to St marc or Pierre Payen. This is the reason why the Leadership Council would like to realize this project in the community.

Story of a beneficiary with quote: 

  • Pastor Joel Joseph is 43 years old, he’s the father of 4 kids. He’s the Principal of the school Institution Frère Joseph de Glasi. His church was destroyed during the earthquake 2010 and since then he couldn’t find financial support to rebuild the church.  
  • In May 2019, three groups of savings and credit ministry from this church donated 123,000 Gourdes to Pastor Joel Joseph to buy materials to start rebuilding the church. 
  • Pastor Joel Joseph says: “I am grateful to Piatre community and 410 Bridge and Hope International for the Ministry of the savings and credit they brought in the community. I’ve knocked on so many doors for the last nine years trying to find funds to rebuild the church, unfortunately nothing was found. When I least expected it, I receive a donation from the community to start the construction. I really appreciate this donation and this ministry help the community grow in relationship. 

How can we be praying for the community? 

  • Pray for the community to have better education for the kids 
  • Better health access for the population  
  • To eradicate itchiness epidemy in the community 

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