Patricia Teaching

Patricia teaching at Nzeveni School in Ngaamba.

Meet Patricia.  She’s a teacher at Nzeveni Primary School in Ngaamba.  She’s what’s known as a PTA teacher.  In other words, she’s funded by the school, not the government, and she’s not certified.  PTA teachers are the first to loose their jobs when more funding becomes available.  Oftentimes, this means when a child sponsorship program starts, unfortunately, these teachers lose their jobs.  Certification for teachers requires education.  This is expensive by Kenyan standards; 10,000 shillings.  I know that sounds like a lot.  It’s only $125.  That’s it!  That’s where you come in.

We have amazing opportunity to pilot a brand new program.  It’s a scholarship program for teachers at Nzeveni School.  Nzeveni has the worst test scores of any school in Ngaamba.  We can change that.  By helping the PTA teachers get certified, they will become better teachers and the students will do better on tests; insuring their futures in Kenya and providing them an opportunity to continue their education.

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Patricia, her baby, and her mom.

Patricia, her baby, and her mom.