Paying for Harvard…

Calling all sponsors!! We have an amazing opportunity to assist our children in Kenya in making it to High school. This year, we had over 150 students who qualified for Provincial  and National level high schools around the country. This is a HUGE improvement over years past and show a lot of hope for the future of our communities. The better the high school you get into, the better your chance of going to college… and the better a student’s capacity to give back to their 410 Bridge community as an adult.

However, just because the students qualify for a great high school doesn’t mean they will get to go… the better the school, the more expensive it will be.  For some of these students, they have worked SO hard and have been accepted into GREAT schools, but without our help, they won’t be able to go…

In many ways, it is the economical-cultural equivalent of being accepted to Harvard and not being able to afford it.

So, let’s get involved! We need 2 sponsors for every one of the 153 students who qualified for secondary school. That means we need 306 sponsors at $39 a month… to raise up leaders who will impact millions in their communities by the time they graduate college. Crazy huh!? That so few people on this side of the bridge can so simply affect the lives of millions on that side!

Let us know if you’re interested in sponsoring a secondary school student. We are still gathering their pictures but we can tell you their stories. Email us at “”… and take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

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