I’ve been writing about our education strategy.  Here’s the third installment…

Only a small percentage of kids attend pre-primary school (ages 4-6) in our communities.  Maybe 10%.

The benefits for pre-primary schools are evident…  children are better prepared for primary school.  But costs, teachers, facilities, curriculum, etc. limit access to the few who can afford it.

But what if we helped the local church in every community start their own pre-primary school program?

What if we established sponsorship programs to help fund the expenses?

What if we did all of that for 100% of the pre-primary aged kids in every 410 bridge community?

Wouldn’t we see children better prepared for Primary School and potentially have a better chance to succeed?

That’s our goal.  Once we get the Primary School and Secondary School Programs fully functional, we’ll introduce the idea to indigenous Leadership Councils in our communities and pilot the program.  We hope to see pilot programs begin by 2011.

Stay tuned….