Open Trip Opportunities

I am so excited as 410 is heading into spring.  Part of my job is managing our Open Trips.  I love Open trips because they are comprised of individuals who are not signing up with the comfort of a church group, going on their own.  This adds a whole new dimension to the experience of our service trips.  One of the most encouraging and exciting parts of my job over the last several months has been watching our Open teams depart for their trip as “strangers” and arrive home with amazing bonds of friendships which stem from a shared experience of serving in Kenya together.  It is truly amazing to see relationships develop that stem from a 410 Bridge Open Trip experience.  Many of our trip participants from past Open trips have stayed connected as a team and with The 410 Bridge as volunteers!

As we approach spring, part of my responsibility is to begin preparing our Open Summer Teams as they apply and begin raising support for their trips.  We are in need of more sign ups for all of our summer trips.  Although our June Open Trip’s application/deposit deadline has already passed, we are willing to take on a few more trip participants as long as we receive applications and deposits right away.

The dates of our summer Open Trips are as follows:

June 10 – June 19

July 15 – July 24
August 19 – Aug 28

We also have a Thanksgiving Open Trip as well as a Christmas Open Trip planned.  We need at least 10 people signed up per trip to make this happen!  If you or anyone you know is interested in an opportunity to make new friendships and serve the people of Kenya let me know!  I would love to speak with you further about the opportunities we have available! You can email me here.


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