If you missed the first post, “Numbers to AMAZE! (Part 1)” check it out here.

The following is what The Daraja Choir carries with them. MOST of it is unpacked and packed back up at EVERY church… Talk about traveling light!

35           Suitcases
11           Duffel bags
3             Shoe bags
54           Costumes
14           Dress blacks
1             Medicine kit
1             Printer
23           Travel pillows
23           Travel blankets
3             Mackie speakers
1             Dolly
1             Wireless Rack and EQ for sound
1             Mixer
1             Cable box (HUGE)
1             Microphone box
5             Main tee shirt tubs
9             Overstock tubs
2             Kenyan product tubs
1             Display tub
2             Tubs of coffee
8             Boxes of Cd’s
1             Overstock jewelry tub
1             Office bag
1             Iron bag (4 irons which only work sometimes)
1             Community bag
1             Library bag
8             Backpacks of school curriculum
2             School supply tubs
35           Lunch bags/2 big baskets
2             Suitcases for extra clothing
1             iPod bag (with hard drives and extra cords)
35           Regular backpacks
11           Cameras
1             iHome
1             Guitar
1             Cooler with water bottles in it
1             Trashcan
2             Air mattresses (just in case)
6             Flat rate boxes with donor envelopes
Bus tools
Mapquest book of directions
Speaker/mic stands
Extra toiletries
Metal shelves
Broom/sweeper carpet/mop
Sports gear (3 soccer balls, 3 jump ropes, 1 kati ball, 3 footballs)
Cleaning supplies (2 baskets of wipes, Febreez, paper towels, trash bags, sanitary wipes, germ-ex, etc)
BrightPoint for Children file box
Christi’s office file box
BrightPoint for Children display

See the choir at their LAST concert before they go home to Kenya. For details and to RSVP, click here.