Recently, NorthPoint Church sent the first-ever all men’s team to Ngaamba. This is the first time that 410 Bridge has been able to facilitate an all-men’s ministry in any of our communities. The results were AMAZING and we rejoice in all that God did.

Today is part 4 of a 4- part reflection on their time in Kenya. It was all just too good to sum up, so we’ve pulled excerpts from their team blog to share with you the impact of relationships and how Relationships can change a person’s view of the world and themselves… Enjoy!

Cornhole Game (horseshoes with a bean bag) was a hit!

OCt 26- A New Name
We’ve all seen it – the DOT workers standing around while only one guy actually works. With that image in mind, I give you our team! There was little work left to do on the fence posts this morning, so most of the team and men of the community stood around chatting with each other. Nearby, a local farmer named Armstrong was plowing a field with two cows and a plow. Eager to demonstrate that they could do what most of the kids of Ngaamba could do, both Khari and Tombo attempted to plow. Fortunately, Armstrong shared everyone’s amusement over the maimed rows of corn seedlings.

This morning’s talk was with 17 men and was headlined by Reggie and Tombo. They talked about what true friends really are. Their point was that a true friend will tell you what you need to hear before he tells you what you want to hear. The men, once again very engaged in the talk, listed about 20 more things that mark a good friend, such as being quick to forgive and trustworthy. That’s true in every culture.

This group of men from Ngaamba has already decided, on its own, to keep meeting together! This may be the launch of the first Men’s Group in Ngaamba. Tailgating can’t be far behind.

As a parting gift, the community gave our team something. It was a gift far more valuable than a souvenir or even a family heirloom. What they gave them was a name. They told our team that they had given them the name Nthongoosya Miti. Loosely translated, it means “the first rains after a dry spell that makes the tree branches sprout green leaves.”

…Sometimes we wonder if the contribution we made really made a difference, or if the efforts that we put forth had any impact. I believe the evidence is so clear. Let us together praise the God who formed, and thank the hands that helped to send, the boys of Nthongoosya Miti!