NewSpring in Segera, Kenya


Not sure anyone really knows The 410 Bridge’s mission statement, and frankly that’s probably OK. Sure it’s important, but it seems so corporate, you know? But over the past several weeks we’ve seen the fruit of the first part of our mission statement… “The 410 Bridge unifies and mobilizes the body of Christ…”

Monday (August 24th) marked the start of the largest medical missions trip in our brief history. It all started in February when I was speaking with Perry Noble (Sr. Pastor) and several of the leadership staff of NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC). We were in Kenya visiting a variety of 410 Bridge communities and I mentioned that we had been struggling to find medical professionals to serve in our communities. We had a few, but not many….

Suffice it to say that NewSpring Church answered the call. About a dozen medical professionals will serve in the Segera area this week. Another 18 people will work in a variety of service projects in Depatus and Black Tank. We don’t know what God has planned yet, but we are grateful to NewSpring for jumping into the partnership with Segera.

But there’s more….

The preparation for a medical trip of this size is no small undertaking. We want to give special thanks to Dr. Lee Davis from Parkerhill Community Church in Clarke Summit, Pennsylvania (Karogoto Community Partner) for giving hours of his to time help us prepare the NewSpring team. Dr. Davis, along with Dr. George MacMaster (pediatric dentist, Alpharetta, Georgia) were the first two doctors to conduct medical missions in a 410 Bridge community. Dr. Davis has been invaluable in providing guidance, information, and setting appropriate expectations for the NewSpring team as well as the Mt. Bethel team that went to Kwambekenya in July.

We’re excited and we hope you are too. The body of Christ came together and is at work.

Special thanks to Perry and his NewSpring team for their leadership, to Dr. Davis for the incredible generosity of his time, and to Dr. Mac for his great example of selfless service.

So… who’s next? There are 10 other 410 Communities asking for a medical teams.


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