You’ve heard the saying “water changes everything”….well thats because it’s really does. Clean water doesn’t just help stop water borne illnesses, it can transform a community too.

Take it from this awesome group of farmers in Ndibai Kenya – their business was transformed by the new water system in their community. Their crops, which once suffered to grow in the semi-arid region if rain wasn’t filling up the river a few miles away, is now flourishing because they have access to water whenever they need it. They are no longer hauling water all day long from the river to their crops, they have more time for themselves, their business, and their families.

They are healthier, their families and children healthier, and their businesses are healthier. So yea…water changes everything!! Thank you to our partners who made this project in Ndibai happen! Check out this video below to hear from these women, on just how much it has transformed!

A look at the growth in their greenhouse!