During this time in history, the world is experiencing opportunities to innovate how we serve and love one another. Thanks to the generosity of our partners and the dedication and creativity of the Ndibai Leadership Council and the 410 Bridge staff, there is an abundance of good work being done in Ndibai to care for each community member.

COVID-19 Food Kit Distribution

Approximately 200 vulnerable households in Ndibai received the benefit of food kits to relieve the food insecurity worsened by the pandemic. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and who continues to give to the COVID-19 relief fund; these food kits supply approximately 30 days worth of beans, maize, rice, cooking oil, soap, and educational health materials.

A community member measures cooking oil as she prepares for food kits to be distributed.
Community members in Ndibai load donkey carts with food stuffs for distribution.
Beneficiary in Ndibai, aged 94.
Mr Muna Gachanga and his family after receiving their supplies.

Masks and Health Education

In addition to emergency food relief, there is a Business Start-Up Training graduate, named Milcah, that has begun sewing masks for the community. Each food kit also contains information on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Milcah, from Ndibai, with her masks.
A handwashing poster in Ndibai.


Lastly, the pandemic will not stop the end of year exams from taking place this fall. Ndibai students in class 8 received practice KCPE test kits so that they could practice and prepare as best they can for this important test.

KCPE practice kit distribution at Ole Sultan Primary School.

Please continue to pray for Ndibai in these specific ways:

  • For the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of the community
  • For the Leadership Council and churches as they guide their communities through this time
  • For rain, in just the right amount, during the planting season to yield crops that will help feed families in the community