Ndibai Community Update


  • The community has spearheaded the digging, trenching and laying of pipes for distribution of water further to the community members.
  • Ndibai community created an elevated water storage tank for distribution with the help of The Browns Bridge Church Inside Out team!
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  • The Discovery Kids Program is in progress in two primary schools in the community – Ndibai Primary and Ole-Sultan Primary since it was launched in Q4 2018. During Q2 the virtues that were taught are – Faithfulness (May), Gentleness (June). During the month of April, the pupils’ were on vacation from school.


  • School health activities were conducted in the two primary schools – Ndibai PS and Ole Sultan PS.
  • The Global X Medical Team during the month of May conducted a medical camp alongside the Kenyan healthcare providers. The purpose of the camp is to reach the unreached, to provide quality, affordable and accessible healthcare services to the people in the community. The medical camp provides a good environment where trip participants and the local church leaders can use their gifts to serve others and spread God’s love through prayer ministry and healthy social interactions. More than 550 patients received health and discipleship services.
  • A special needs case was identified during the medical camp and we are still on follow up with Naomi and Rebecca.


  • The 410 Bridge came alongside the communities primary schools in order to have the pupils do an additional standard exam that can contribute to improving the overall performance of the pupils during the national exams.
  • Textbook distributions to both primary schools, pupils of grades 1 to 3 was completed. A total of 1867 books were distributed to cover the Kenya National newly rolled out curriculum (CBC – Competency-based Curriculum).
  • Renovations of the staffroom at Ndibai Primary School have been done. An activity that was completed by the community with the help of the global X team.
  • The Secondary School students in the community, while home on vacation went through a retreat with our 410 Staff. They did team building and mentorship with the students and ensuring they (together with their parents) are meeting all the requirements under the sponsorship program. In order to expand the influence on the youth in the community, the retreat will be expanded to include students from the local community secondary school as well.

Business Start-up Training

  • Currently the BST trainees are on continued follow up for mentorship.

Biggest challenge community is facing if any?

The prolonged drought that led to low production/yield from community members farms.

Story of a beneficiary with quote

On her way home from school, Rebecca had an accident (she fell) and incurred a fracture on one of her legs and a hip dislocation on the other leg. This happened on one of the days the medical team was on ground, specifically while the team was on their way from the community back to the hotel for the night. They were able to stop and offer Rebecca first aid. Members of the medical team were given yet another opportunity to serve using their God-given gifts. She was given the initial medical attention and then rushed to hospital. Rebecca is currently on follow up as an outpatient. This is a quote from a member of Rebecca’s family : “It was God-send that you were at the right place at the right time. We are so grateful.”

How can we be praying for the community?

The completion of the water project.

The continued resilience and unity of the community.

Unity of the local Churches to be the drivers in community development.

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