My Little Miriam

Juli and Miriam

Our Joska Service Team was blessed to be able to visit the HOREC Children’s Home while serving in the community.  I made a great connection with one of the little girls there, Miriam. Miriam is 11 years old and lost her parents several years ago to AIDS.  She has been at the HOREC center ever since.  We had the best day together playing and dancing.  I taught her how to swing dance (well as best as I could considering I don’t know how to properly swing dance myself).  It was awesome to watch this shy little girl come out of her shell as the afternoon continued. On our last day in the community we made a stop by the Middle School where the HOREC orphans attend.  I found Miriam and we sat together and watched the school’s dance team perform. It was so sad to part with her but the wonderful part to this story is that I was able to find her online once I got home.  She was on the BrightPoint for Children website and needed a sponsor.  I signed up to sponsor Miriam and can now help her with her school related needs as well as keep in contact by posting messages to her on the website.  I am SO happy that the Lord provided a way to keep this special friendship going.  I can’t wait to get back to Joska to see her!


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