the final Post from Kaylin Spink:

One of the highlights of our trip was for our teammate Mary to meet her two BrightPoint students she sponsors- Jackson and Mercy. Jackson and her have been in correspondence for many years and she was beyond ecstatic to finally see his face, meet his family, and learn about his life. Jackson’s mother died awhile ago and he lives with his grandmother who told Mary once Jackson graduated, she would be his mother. It brought tears to Mary’s eyes as she discovered how much her support over these years has meant to Jackson and his family. It was a very happy time for her and the kids, and an emotional goodbye.

The theme of our trip that was first heard over and over again by the women in Karogoto and later sang by all of us together was “Mungu Yu Mwema” (God is so good)…I couldn’t think of a better slogan for our experience in Kenya. God is so good to them by sustaining them and providing for them. God is so good to us by blessing us and giving us this opportunity to meet these wonderful people. God is so good for sending his Son to die so that one day, we will see them all again. Thank you God for your goodness!