Morency Community Update

This is an update on Morency, Haiti, straight from our Haitian staff…

Projects / Programs Currently Running:

  • Water project
  • Sponsorship program
  • Goat project
  • Economic development
  • Discipleship

Latest update for the community as a whole:

Water project:

  • It’s working very well in the community. The population takes water from the kiosk and pays for the service. The cost to get water from the water system is 2.5 gourdes per gallon of 5. By collecting a payment, the community can create a savings for when something breaks and needs to be repaired.
  • According to the Leadership Council, they would like to extend the system around the community. More people want to get their private line for domestic consumption. They are thinking about launching the water line in the community, but will only do it if they can get 100 people interested in piping water into their home. Whenever they make an extension in the water system, the community will get more income.

Sponsorship program:

  • Right now, the 3 schools are receiving benefits through the 410Bridge sponsorship program. A total of 336 Children are part of this program, 43 of them are already sponsored and 293 are not sponsored yet. Recently the children that are sponsored wrote letters to their sponsors.
# School name Com-muni-ty Number of ki-ds Number of the k-ids that sponsored Number wit-hout spons-or
Ecole Evengeliq-ue Ste Cite  More-ncy 120 27 93 
Ecole Commun-autaire de Lync-e  More-ncy 175 11 164 
Ecole Neheemie Le Baptisseur  More-ncy 41 36 
Total  336 43 293 

Goat project:

  • Back in the day, the way we used to do it was informal. There was no signature or agreement on this project when we are giving goats to people in the community. After the training of the Community Coordinator with the help of the Leadership Council’s, the community members better understand the project and they decided to sustain the project and redo it with more structure. The strategy is to make a survey of all beneficiaries and plan a meeting, to show them how to generate income through livestock.

Economic development:

  • Mutual Solidarity was launched by the Business Start-up Training participants in November 2018. After 8 months the MUSO members organize themselves to develop financially to solve their economic problem, and now every month they meet to raise money and share with the people who are in need. 


  • The Vision Team from Seacoast had a meeting with the pastor league to discuss the what they can do to convince people to accept Jesus. The Pastor requested to organize a crusade with the US team in the summer when the US service team visits again.

Biggest challenge community is facing if any? 

  • People in the community refuse to work together like a team. We would like to have more people who understand the vision and decide to work with the Leadership Council to develop this community.

Story of a beneficiary with quote: 

  • PIERRE Joseph is the Principal of Lynce school. When the Seacoast Vision Team visited the community, he shared his testimony to the visitors, and he was very thankful to 410 Bridge USA staff and 410 Bridge Haitian staff because of this initiative to help with the school fees of the kids. Back in the days many kids were not able to go to school because of an issue about finance, we can’t say that all of them go to school now, but I can say most of them do. With no worries of tomorrow, the teacher can teach with quality because they know that at the end of the month, they will get financial support for their own need through 410 Bridge.

How can we be praying for the community? 

  • Pray for change happen in the community so that the socio-economic state can increase.
  • Pray for the spiritual and economic development to be active.


Photo of children at community school of Lyncé 

Photo Economic development/ MUSO (Picture of financial operation)  

US service Team/Seacoast. (Meeting with the LC of Morency) 

Picture of JOSEPH Pierre who testified for the school construction 

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