One of the things we are really committed to as an organization is the development and utilization of local indigenous leadership.  We realized early on that the long term success and sustainability of our model of ministry is dependent on strong local leadership.  We work primarily on the community level and thus strong community based leadership is essential.  For this reason we created the role of a Community Representative.  Community Representatives are our eyes and ears on the ground in our communities. Their primary role is to serve their community through the implementation of 410 bridge programs and projects, and to aid the Leadership Councils in mobilizing and organizing community members to participate in community projects.

We would like to introduce you to Pastor James Mwangi.  Pastor James is the Community Representative for the Karogoto community.  You probably deduced by now that James is also a Pastor.  We have been blessed by Pastor James’ heart for the community of Karogoto, his desire to serve his community, and his passion to further God’s kingdom.  His leadership has been a crucial part of our success in Karogoto.